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Accurate, real-time catheter tip localization for the NICU setting

The neoNAV uses the patient’s own electrical activity from the heart (ECG) to inform and assist catheter tip position navigation and placement during umbilical venous catheterisation (UVC) procedures.

Powered by NAVi's proprietary algorithm, the neoNAV analyses patient's ECG to infer the location of the catheter tip in real-time to provide clinical staff a visual aid on the localisation of the catheter tip.

The neoNAV can be used during the insertion procedure to ensure accurate catheter placement, as well as enables post-procedure monitoring to detect catheter tip migration.

VIDEO - How The neoNAV Works

Benefits of the neoNAV


Better Patient Outcomes

Reduced x-ray exposures and risks of complications

Increased responsiveness through faster drug delivery, saving up to 45 minutes per procedure

Reduced heat loss and stress, which are critical factors for survival

Improved Clinical Outcomes

Faster procedure improves clinical staff efficiency

Enables ongoing monitoring if central lines post-procedure

Reduces frustration and anxiety caused by misplacements, while maintaining high compliance


Improved Hospital Outcomes

Lower risks of complications from time delay, malposition and X-rays

Reduces burden on key hospital resources

Fully compatible with existing catheters and equipment