The Problem

Central Lines (such as PICCs & UVCs) are frequently placed in critically ill newborns to deliver lifesaving drugs & nutrients. However, these procedures can be difficult since there is no real-time feedback during the procedure.

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40% Misplacement

40% of line placement attempts are misplaced during the procedure

Up To 50% Migration

Up to 50% of correctly placed lines may migrate within 7 days

Misplaced and migrated lines & tubes are associated with serious complications (such as infections, thrombi, cardiac tamponade, and necrotising enterocolitis).

Umbilical Venous Catheterisation (UVC) procedures have been performed the same way since 1950's

Navi is currently developing a clinical prototype for the neonav and will commence clinical trials in 2019.

The neoNAV takes the guess work out of UVC placements, and offers clinicians an easy yet effective method of reducing catheter misplacements in the most vulnerable of newborns
— Christiane Theda, Senior Neonatologist