Navi COO Named in Forbes "30 Under 30"


Navi announces that our COO and Co-founder, Shing Sheung, has been named in the Forbes "30 Under 30" list for Healthcare & Science in the Asia/Pacific Region.

The nomination followed after Shing spent several months in the Texas Medical center in Houston - where he was a participant in the TMCx Innovation program. During his time in Houston, Shing engaged with clinical and industry leaders to further the develop the Neonav - Navi’s medical device which primarily aims to significantly improve catheter positioning and placement in neonates by providing clinicians with real-time feedback on catheter tip localisation. Navi ultimately hopes that the Neonav will help set a much-needed, new standard in neonatal care.

Shing Sheung, honoured by the acknowledgment, shared a few words regarding his relentless dedication to the development of the Neonav: "It's a real honour to be named alongside so many other inspiring individuals. Thank you to Forbes who recognises our work at Navi. As a team, we're absolutely determined to create medical innovations to help children everywhere live brighter, healthier futures."


The Neonav Featured on Channel 9 News

In October 2016, Navi was a participant in Melbourne University's Endeavour Exhibition. The event remains one of the largest showcases of engineering and IT graduate student projects in Victoria - and served as a great setting to share Navi’s ongoing development with the public.

In this particular opportunity, Navi exhibited its breakthrough medical device - the Neonav - which primarily aims to improve umbilical venous catheter placements in neonates. During the exhibition, the Neonav was featured on the Channel 9 News coverage of the event - highlighting both innovation and existing demand for the device. This feature was broadcasted nationally around Australia.

 Video link:

The Navi team at Melbourne University's Endeavour Exhibition.