About Us

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The Company

Navi is a company with a vision for long-term growth and impact. The team at NAVi are driven by a PURPOSE to improve patient outcomes, and assisting those that care for vulnerable patient populations.

Navi is on a journey to bring the first product to market, and striving to CREATE VALUE for patients, clinical staff and hospitals around the world.

As an early stage startup, the most important resource that Navi has are its PEOPLE. Navi is a company that is committed to providing opportunities for personal & professional GROWTH for those that move the company forward, and to provide important contributions to the AUSTRALIAN INNOVATION and medical device industries wherever possible.

Vision & Mission

The vision of Navi and its founders is to provide a lasting positive IMPACT to the community, to our team, and to our customers & partners who help us achieve our goals. To achieve the stated vision, the team at Navi is working hard to bring their first medical device to market, thereby establishing a foothold from which to grow an ecosystem of connected medical devices for use in the NICU or PICU setting.

Navi’s Values

Growth Mindset: Motivated to achieve ambitious goals through personal learning and effort

Determination & Courage: Driven by a passion to deliver impact, and persistent in reaching our goals

Empathetic: understand the problems and challenges other are facing, and work with partners to overcome them.

Trust & Integrity: Honest, accountable, supportive and transparent in how we work