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We are on a mission to transform how Umbilical Venous Catheterisation procedures are being performed, and to ultimately enable better care for patients.



UVC procedures have been performed the same way for the past 60 years

Roughly 30% of patients admitted to Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) require a potentially life-saving procedure called an Umbilical Venous Catheterisation (UVC). UVC procedures provide a vital pathway to deliver nutrients and drugs to critically-ill babies.

The problem? Current techniques are inadequate where 40% of attempts result in misplaced catheters due to lack of real-time feedback.

Misplaced catheters often lead to severe patient harm and reduced hospital efficiency.


we are transforming how uvcs are placed in patients

At NAVi, we have a shared vision of using technology to improve the successful placement of umbilical venous catheters in the initial attempt.

Our solution: the neoNAV, NAVi's first product, provides physicians with accurate, real-time localization of the catheter tip during the UVC procedure.

The neoNAV combines safe, proven technology with a proprietary algorithm to improve catheter placement in the initial attempt.



The neoNAV uses a proprietary algorithm to analyse the patient's intravessel signals to determine the precise location of the catheter tip, allowing for accurate placement.



Combined with a traffic-light system, the catheter tip location is conveniently displayed on the neoNAV user-interface.



Using a catheter adaptor and a signal processing unit, the neoNAV does not alter the actual catheter, but rather provides an add-on to existing catheter equipment.



The neoNAV uses safe, proven technology in an innovative way to improve the placement of UVCs. 


The neoNAV takes the guesswork out of UVC placements, and offers physicians with an easy, effective method of reducing catheter misplacements in the most vulnerable of newborns.
— Dr. Christiane Theda, Royal Women's Hospital
The neoNAV is a brilliant device that will greatly simplify a complex procedure.
— Dr. Sarah Heland, Eastern Health


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